In this game you are the chef of the Monastery, a huge spaceship where food is running scarce! But, when everything seemed lost, the Monastery landed on a wonderful planet full of vegetables! Bad thing is... The plants on this planet walk and are invading your space kitchen!! Can you restore the botanic order by bringing the invaders to the cooking hearth and keeping your comrades from starvation? WAD to move, S will pick up the plant.


You are Visible Light and you are tasked to defeat the three, normally dormant, foes: Radio, Microwave, and the skeletal X-Ray. This is a very challenging Boss Battler designed with appropriately colorful original graphics done in a Zelda-like style. Arrow keys to move, Z to swing the light sword.

Super Rotisserie DX

In this gruesome platformer, you are a cooked rotisserie chicken. Attempt to avoid your ultimate fate by dodging baked bean projectiles and morbid mouths that wish to make you the main course of this barbecue. Escape the slaughterhouse and win.

Pepper Sweeper

There has been quite a mix-up at the diner in this creative rendition of a classic. Somebody confused the chilies for the blueberries while preparing quite the massive waffle! Use your wits to identify and flag the peppers as alluded by the number of peppers touching each waffle tile.

Twisty Words

Yet another... twist on a classic. In this game, you are pitted against the dictionary. Identify as many anagrams from the given letters as you can in two minutes. If you can determine at least one word that uses all of the letters, you can advance to the next round.