Open Source Game Coding Competition

The open source game coding competition is an annual tradition where programmers come together to socialize, collaborate, and compete. Teams of up to three people work together to produce a game in the span of 24 hours. To ensure that there is a spirit of spontaneity, each team is given several themes that they must incorporate. At the end of the 24 hours, each entry is judged based upon creativity, usage of themes, difficulty of implementation, and fun.

See what it is about:

Ascii Ascii Revolution
Lindsey Bieda, Jackie Kircher, and James Larkby-Lahet
1st Place, OSGCC 4, 2010

Learn by doing!

This competition is certainly open to the novice and expert alike. You do not need to have a team in mind as you will be placed with a team such that a novice programmer is paired with a skilled programmer. This competition should serve as an educational experience as much as a fun social event. There are many opportunities to level up your skills:


Each team must produce a game and all assets of the game must be created or researched within the 24 hours. Any framework or language is acceptable, as long as it is available to everyone freely. There are no other restrictions. Interesting and innovative approaches are encouraged so that we all may learn. The code for the game will be actively maintained by a git repository which will be made public after the competition.